What’s with the Birds?

A couple of years ago I was leaving the office at church, and there they were–a daddy sandhill crane leading two little ones to safety.  I grabbed my Canon 5D with a 70-200mm L lens with a 2x teleconverter and captured this image among others.  I later converted the image into a wall gallery for our living room, measuring 6×4 feet.  I like things big, if at all.

Even though it is one of my favorite photographs, this photo troubles me. On the next day there was only one little one.  We have had a gator on the church campus.  Their plight reminded me to stay close to the One showing the Way–He knows where the abundant life is.




One thought on “What’s with the Birds?

  1. I remember this photo like you took it yesterday. It is so true. On
    Y our LORD knows what lurks around each corner. We must stay focused on JESUS.

    Would you consider doing a youtube bible study for those of us who miss your teaching so much and also are homebound? I promise to subscribe and share.

    I’ll consider it, but as a videographer/photographer, I always look for camera-loving mugs. Not in my repertoire, but I’ll seriously consider it.

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