Pushes from the Paraclete

As the years pass, I have found Holy Spirit to be indeed my comforter: my evidence for purpose, my strength for living, and my passion for striving.

As we learn about Him, we all bring filters we’ve learned from the world around us. Some are empirically driven. Like Thomas, we won’t believe until we’ve seen with our own eyes, and felt with our own hands. Others are artistically driven. Like Jesus, we want others to understand by participating in a narrative, a relationship before we can truly believe. And then others are historically focused. We believe only when authoritatively credible sources confirm a proffered reality. Like the Bereans in Acts 17, we insist on confirming other’s assertions with authoritative sources.

The premise of this collection of essays is simple—God is smart. And, as such, He wrote the Scriptures as an anchor, a foundation by which to ascertain whether truth (perceived reality) is indeed Truth (actual reality). Furthermore, Holy Spirit encourages us to use our favorite filter. Whether we use our historian, artist, or scientist filters, His revelation speaks to our innermost epistemology—how and why we believe what we believe.

So then, I recommend these essays from my intimate interactions with Him. They come from Him—I am but a mere vessel.

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