Porter’s First Two Laws of Human Behavior

Porter’s First Law of Human Behavior
“Human beings see, hear, remember, understand, and do what they want to see, hear, remember, understand, and do.”  Porter’s First Law of Human Behavior—Simplified: “People believe what is useful to them.”

Porter’s Second Law of Human Behavior
redflagGiven Porter’s First Law, “When confronting our beliefs, we must raise an epistemological red flag whenever said belief is useful.  When things are useful, all historical, empirical, and experiential data which contraindicate our belief must be brought to bear.  Otherwise—we’re not thinkers as God intended, merely narcissistic lumps.”

Remember, why and how we believe (epistemology) what we believe is often more important than what we believe.  If our epistemology is weak, then our beliefs are easily weakened, but if our historical, empirical, and experiential evidence is strong?  Beliefs become Truth, and not just truth.

One thought on “Porter’s First Two Laws of Human Behavior

  1. People often believe things with out asking themselves what was the right question in the first place. I think the third rule should be people really don’t want to know the answer to the important questions — that why sports trivia is so much a part of the NA culture. If people asked the right questions, then there would be a different conversation. People ask will I live or die. The answer is everyone dies, so why are you asking the question. The real question should be is it better to live or die free. Life is but a temporary state. Freedom from your sins is eternal

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