Gotta Check My Glass: Half-Full or Half-Empty?

half-full-glassThere’s a lot of evil in the world.  And, there’s a lot of good in the world.  But, is the glass half empty, or half-full?

The definitively evil is easy to spot—words, thoughts, and acts which hurt the innocent.  For example, no one can ignore, without some angst, hungry children, mangled children, and blind children.

But what about unborn children?  Why are they so easily ignored, especially when inconvenient to the prospective parent, or embarrassing for the grandparent?  Is this obvious evil, or subtle evil?  Is the glass half-empty, or half-full?

IMG_2290The obviously good is easy to spot—words, thoughts, and acts which protect the innocent.  For example, why are we so full of joy at the birth of a new child?  Why do we giggle with delight when seeing those laughing babies on YouTube?  Is this obvious good, or subtle good?  Is the glass half-empty, or half-full?

But what about the less obvious?  Does the glass contain good when the good being done is doing good to look good?  For example, when I give money to the poor to feel good, is that good?  When I spend time in the soup kitchens of the world to assuage my guilt, is that good?  Am I fooling myself, and perhaps others, that I am good?

Does the glass contain evil when I do good to look good?  To avoid the consequences of evil done elsewhere?  Oh my, how my glass is murky.  Is my glass half-empty, or half-full?

Once, when Jesus Himself was called “good,” He made it quite clear that only Father God is good (Mark 10:18).  Yes, He deflected praise from others to give praise and honor to the Father.  But, if God’s goodness is in me and that goodness feeds the poor, even though it also assuages my guilt, is that not good?  If I don’t even believe in God, or fail to give Him credit for the good I do, is that good?  Perhaps, even the unbeliever’s good is motivated by good for he too was created in the image of good God.

Yes. The glass is half-full!  Let’s work on filling it up—may God always get the glory for good, regardless of our finite motives, or even our unbelief.

One thought on “Gotta Check My Glass: Half-Full or Half-Empty?

  1. Is good not good for goodness sake! In the eyes of God is it not good only for those that work for God other wise are you not condemn already. The glass was empty the day you were born the only way to fill it would be to accept the Holy Spirit by faith in Jesus. So goodness is not goodness for goodness sake but is goodness for those who God?

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